Stats Stuff: Losing Control

Things seemed to be going so well for San Antonio FC, 1-0 up on the road thanks to an early goal, and victory was in its sights. And then all of a sudden it wasn’t, settling for a 1-1 draw with Rio Grande Valley FC last week.

In the first half, SAFC was getting more possession in the Toros half than in its half, especially with runs up the left. That may have made things too predictable as it was neutralized in the second half.

While the left is utilized and there’s some possession over halfway the only boiling zone for SAFC is in its penalty area. It was disjointed and struggled to create any chances; something RGV had no issues with.

It’s easy to think it’s the SA attack that broke down, but it’s actually the defense. Look at the shot chart from RGV.

From just two shots in the first half to a whopping 15 in the second, the SAFC defense just fell away the more the match went on.

So how does SAFC counteract this? It’s simple. Don’t miss tackles. That sounds simple to say, but it’s so crucial. Last week the Toros only missed four tackles all match compared to SA missing 10. Most of those missed tackles led to key passes which set up opportunities for RGV. This means not only is San Antonio missing challenges. They’re not recovering from those mistakes. That leads to the chances that the Toros created.

San Antonio only managed a 50% tackle success rate which makes holding on to a lead at this level impossible, especially when it came so early. That will need to improve this week if SAFC is to go back to the top of the group on Saturday.

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