Stats Stuff: The Coaching Search (Unrealistic Edition)

Our next look at potential coaches for San Antonio FC brings us to the most unrealistic set of coaches, those whose most recent experience wasn’t as a coach in USL or MLS and so are likely no chance of getting the job but it’s fun to discuss.

Rafael Castillo (Player: San Antonio FC)

Rafa Castillo has been a legend of San Antonio soccer and has started his coaching career in youth levels. He may not have all his licenses but it would be a feel good story for soccer in San Antonio. Castillo has appeared in the most matches for San Antonio teams by some distance, 140, only two other players have topped 100 (Billy Forbes and Greg Cochrane) and so he’d command the respect of at least those already attached to the club. That’s probably not enough but it would be an easy choice to keep the fans happy.

Mauricio Pochettino (Most Recently: Tottenham, England)

A move from Spurs to Spurs obviously makes a lot of sense and clearly Mauricio Pochettino would raise the standard of not just SAFC but also the league as a whole. Despite recently losing his job with Tottenham he had a phenomenal record there, managing a 159-62-72 record (54 percent wins) and taking the team to its first Champions League final. Sure there’s a zero percent chance he’d come to San Antonio but maybe he wants a nice sabbatical, maybe Manchester United doesn’t fire Ole Gunnar Solskjar, maybe Spurs Sports and Entertainment uses their name.

Niko Kovac (Most Recently: Bayern Munchen, Germany)

Another man fired from a successful European club who actually has a phenomenal record is former Bayern manager Niko Kovac. The Croatian legend had a 45-12-8 record (69 percent wins) while at Bayern but still couldn’t retain the support of the board and keep his job. Ultimately maybe Kovac would like working at a club where there actually is competition instead of just strolling to a national league title. Of course this would also Kovac breaking up his impressive pay out from his former employer and stopping his vacation that he is no doubt enjoying.

Tony Parker (Most Recently: Player, San Antonio Spurs, Basketball)

While Tim Duncan is the former Spur with coaching experience, he doesn’t have the relevant soccer knowledge that Frenchman Tony Parker has. Parker knows San Antonio FC and has been to several matches. His success speaks for itself, a four-time NBA Champion, six-time all-star, and the 2007 NBA Finals MVP he is a legend in this city and would be a powerful PR move. He also has experience on the back end of a sports franchise, serving as the owner of ASVEL Basket in the French LNB Pro A, the top division of basketball in France. Of course he has no soccer experience and would be a purely PR signing but it’d be fun to see.

Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs, Basketball)

It’s no secret that the San Antonio Spurs are having a rough time of it right now and while no one would wish a change of career for the legend that is Gregg Popovich maybe he wants some fun and something different. A five-time NBA Champion, and three-time coach of the year Popovich has a phenomenal success rate, which landed him the USMNT basketball job. With 1,820 games Coach Pop is the longest serving active coach in all US professional sport. With a 68 percent win rate and a 1,245-575 record (170-114 in the playoffs) Pop is one of the greatest managers in any sport globally and would surely bring some success to San Antonio FC.

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