Better Way for UPSL

Better way to shape UPSL Central?

By: Harry Austin

I wanted to explore the best way (In my humble opinion) to set up for a Pro/Rel in UPSL Central and will also make sure that the best teams make the playoffs.  I think with three divisions, while reducing travel… kind of, does not work. I think we can see that the North is clearly the better conference and that is because there is quality competition not just at the top.  But for Division I, I think it is much better to just keep it simple with North and South. I just don’t see the quantity or quality of teams available at this point supports having 3 confrences.  I think at the Division II level you could see where the Heart comes in.

With just North and South we can take the top 2 to make the playoffs.  But at this level games are important for the development of the players.   I could see having the top 4 of each conference make the playoffs if you really wanted to do so.  However, I do think that does water down the regular season.

There is one major problem which I am not sure how to address, and that is teams that sit out a season.  Should they come back to the same level?  I think it depends on the team.  Take OKC 1889 FC who was the Conference Champion.  They should remain at the top division.  However, a team like FC Thunder Boerne who is taking the fall off should probably be at Div II.  I guess the rule I would make is if you make the playoffs you keep your same spot.  However, if you don’t you go down a division. 

One question that still must be asked is teams that fold or leave the league for any reason what happens with those spots is there automatic promotion.  All new teams must start at the bottom of the pyramid.

One thing I would love to see is a Premier Division.  And that Division you would have the top 8 teams from a certain period.  With the Premier Division it would be a Texas/Oklahoma Division where you could play teams from the North and South all in the same division.  However, I do think in the South it does need to fill in a little more. 

Would love to hear your ideas on how to make UPSL Central the best lower league in UPSL.

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