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From our internal chat this week: What is the impact of Frank Lopez?

It’s obvious that Frank Lopez has had a significant impact on San Antonio FC, the team’s turn-around coincides with his arrival in San Antonio. So the easy answer here is “big” so to assess just how big his impact has been there are a handful of key stats that can be looked at and compared to team averages.

Goals: 9

This one is the most obvious statistic to point to but it still needs to be mentioned that Lopez leads the team with goals, admittedly this includes his seven goals for LA Galaxy II but his two goals for SAFC would put him in a tie for seventh for the team, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down on this one.

Assists: 2

These have both come while at San Antonio FC, and it would be higher if USL counted the secondary assist like they do in hockey. So while this number looks low at two, it puts him in a tie for third on the team and he’s often had the pass before the one credited as the assist. That Lopez is third in the team in so few games show how badly things were going before his inclusion.

Interceptions: 4

It’s easy to overlook Lopez’s defensive work, partly because on the whole there’s not much to write about, but his work to regain possession is particularly impressive, gaining four interceptions already in his time at San Antonio. Compare this to the others playing up front and it definitely stands out and is a big part of what has helped San Antonio get results.

Passing Success: 70.4 percent

Lopez’s passing has been impressive, at 70 percent, there’s still some work to do here but since Lopez has arrived the team’s overall passing average is now up to 81.3 percent.

Key Passes: 10

This measure more than most others is the best look at how big an impact Lopez has had on the team since his arrival. The team had not made that many key passes before his arrival but his contribution of 10 takes into account what was seen in his assists, while he only has two assists, which are two of these key passes he has 8 others that were integral to setting up the goal.

Conversion Rate: 23.7 percent

With 38 shots, 21 of those on target and nine goals scored in the season, Lopez has an impressive conversion rate, scoring with almost one in four of his shots. This is especially significant when compared to the team’s conversion rate which sits at 13.1 percent, Lopez over 10 percent better. That means it’s not an exaggeration to say Lopez improved the team by a factor of 1000.

It’s been clear to everyone watching that Lopez has had a big impact on San Antonio FC, but with these six statistics it’s possible to quantify exactly how big that impact has been.

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