The Road to UPSL Central South Playoffs

 In the Central South nothing has really been decided for the top three spots.  The South does seem to have a clear top 4, Texas International FC is knocking on the door, but at this point I don’t see it opening. 

 Houston FC has 4 games scheduled at Corinthians, home to Athletic Katy then finish on the road for two Texas international and Cedar Stars. Will the Corinthians home match be rescheduled to fill out the full 14-week schedule?

Almeyda FC has all 14 games scheduled with the hosting the Texas Hawks, on the road to Corinthians, home to Katy and finish on the road at Texas International.

San Antonio Corinthians at this time are only scheduled to play 12 games.  In looking at the schedule that is missing and hopefully will be rescheduled at Houston FC and at Bay Area Oilers FC.  However, if they are just playing the twelve games it looks like a lot of home cooking.  Home to Houston FC and Almeyda before road trip to face the Hawks then finish back home against Bay Area Oilers.

Athletic Katy is the opposite of the Corinthians where they will be on the road. Athletic Katy gets to see Cedar Stars at home, but then finish the season on the road at Houston FC, Almeyda and Hawks.  Katy does not need to have any games rescheduled.

How this will shake out I think for the South #1 seed comes down to three teams if the Corinthians games are rescheduled.  However, if they are not, I think it is between Houston and Almeyda since they do have a 5-point lead on the Corinthians.  The South will be decided on which team can get more points from playing the Corinthians and Athletic Katy which are the two common opponents that are also trying to push for the playoffs.  As far as Athletic Katy, they could play spoiler, however since the Corinthians control their destiny it could be a short stay on the road to the South Playoffs. 

My Final Take (pending Corinthians reschedule questions)

  1. Houston
  2. Almeyda FC
  3. Corinthians

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