The Road to UPSL Central North Promotions and Relegations

So in the UPSL Championship and League One level (not to be confused with USL League One 😉 )  There are no playoffs, but there are something new to the United States and that is Promotion and Relegation.  At this time there are two teams that have already moved up and that is Weatherford FC, who has moved up to UPSL North Premier, and FF Premier has moved up to North Championship.

I hate to include OKCFC in the Relegation battle, but technically they are sill in a position that could go down.  I expect this to be a short visit to this side of the article.  The real battle to me will be between FC Denton, Reign FK and Kernow Storm.   

The question comes into how the schedule is filled out.  At this point FC Denton is only scheduled to play 9 games.  They are needing to reschedule games against Kernow Storm, Reign FK and Innocentes.   But the matches against Kernow and Reign could be huge in determining who goes down to Championship lever.  One thing to note for Kernow is that the remaining scheduled game are all at home. 

Who’s Going down?  Give me FC Denton and Kernow Storm.  As of this week 😉   

The Championship is pretty done on who is going up.  Arlington FC needs one win and they face FC Ft Worth if they get a point they are promoted. IF Arlington FC loses, then it comes into matches that need to be rescheduled at Terrell FC and NXT Legends both on the road.  

Who is going down is a different discussion?  NXT Legends has 1 scheduled home game and three that need to be rescheduled. And those are huge Terrell FC and FC Sharp are both needed be rescheduled and both are at home. Dallas City has NXT legends scheduled and if win they are safe.  Terrell FC is in good position at first glance. However, they need three rescheduled games and two of those are against those that are trying to move up Arlington FC and Ft Worth, but they would have a rod match against NXT Legends.  

Who’s is going down FC Sharp and NXT Legends will be heading down to League One.

UPSL Central League One North has a battle between Aquilas FC and Lone Star Republic for the second promotion spot.  As FF Premier was the first UPSL Central Conference to be promoted to the next level.  With Aquilas FC already having a three-point advantage and playing the two bottom teams, this should be wrapped up after the next game with any result.

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