The Road to UPSL Central North Premier Playoffs

The UPSL Playoffs will be the top 3 teams in each conference.  However, the bracket has not been released on how exactly it will be laid out.  Getting the number one seed in your division could result in one bye during the playoff rounds.  With the North only playing 12 games, look for the cutoff to be based on that number. 

The North Premier has a lot going on. Playoffs and Relegation. So, its exciting time, however this article it’s about the playoffs.  But what a good mess we have for the North. 4 teams with a real chance.  Irving FC and Inocentes are leading, but Texas Spurs and OKC 1889 have the potential to create a 4-way tie. 

Irving FC the leader based on GD at this point, has four games left, but the issue is three of them are on the road and the home game is verse Inocentes FC.  They start out on the road for three Reign FK, OKC1889, Kernow Storm then the home match vs Inocentes.

Inocentes FC the 2018 UPSL Fall National runner up, are in a dog fight to make the playoffs, Only has three scheduled matches (need to reschedule Denton) end the season on the road.  Reign Fk, OKC1889 and Irving FC.

Texas Spurs have a nice schedule left: Home and away vs Reign FK, road to Denton home and away to OKC 1889.  So, if they don’t make the playoffs it is really on them

OKC 1889 has probably the toughest path to the playoffs, they face Denton FC and Irving FC at home to start then travel to Kernow Storm, followed with a home and away with Texas Spurs followed up with Inocentes at home. 

How it shapes out. Going to come out with my surprise winner and that will be Texas Spurs, just love the schedule they have heading home. and the second spot goes to the winner of Inocentes and Irving FC. Give me the experience of Inocentes since it is winning time and well as history has shown they will turn it on. I do think OKC1889 does miss the playoffs but does enough to stay up. 

Official Unofficial SA Soccer Roundtable Predictions

1. Texas Spurs

2. Inocentes

3. Irving FC

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