Stats: What Ever Happened to Amer Didic?

Question: Why was Amer Didic let go? He was supposed to be the big defender.

Didic was one of a plethora of players who accepted mutual termination in the last 12 months, including some notable members of the squad likie Diego Restrepo and a big chunk of what is now Austin Bold FC. So what’s the case for Didic? Why have him go?

The ultimate answer is that he fell out of favor with Darren Powell, he was relegated to the bench and then eventually completely left out of the match day 18 after playing only two matches. So why Didic specifically, Powell has mutually terminated a lot of players which may suggest a problem with the dressing room as a whole or with Powell’s man management skills.

Statistically Didic was not that notable he’d only made six tackles and won three of them for a 50 percent success rate less than even Cristian Parano who is 9/9. The bright side was his distribution, at 82.6 percent passing accuracy he was decent but his long passing accuracy was only 41.2 percent, a crucial skill for a defender. The key statistic that stands out is that Didic struggled in the air, something a supposed defensive big man shouldn’t do, having won only 42.9 percent of his aerial duels.

This was below the current team average of 59.6 percent tackle success but his passing did lift the team average which currently sits at 79.3 percent. Ultimately the stats say that Didic didn’t really live up to what he promised to be and that is perhaps the reason that he was let go.

These numbers were down on 2018 for Didic where he won 74.2 percent of aerial duels and 60 percent of tackles. His distribution was also better in 2018, succeeding in 90 percent of his passes. And it’s not that he was in decline, those 2018 numbers were up on 2017. this suggests that from a recruitment perspective Didic was a good choice, which begs the question on why he did poorly in San Antonio? That may come down to coaching or atmosphere, it’s clear that the coaching he had in Swope Park, under Nikola Popovic was top-class and perhaps Powell is not quite as strong as Popovic.

Since leaving SAFC Didic went to the Canadian Premier League with former Scorpions opponent FC Edmonton. He’s definitely having a bigger impact there having made two appearance and provided an assist, he’s also earned a yellow so he’s getting stuck in and his tackling is better with 66 percent, but despite that he’s fallen back out of favor and is struggling to get back in. It seems SAFC may have derailed his career.

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