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As the San Antonio “Winter” ends, and the Spring season starts, there will be lots of Soccer in the Alamo City. Hopefully this can be used as a guide on where you can spend an afternoon or evening supporting local soccer.  In San Antonio alone, there will be 5 Men’s Pro/Semi Pro teams, 5 Woman’s Pro/Semi Pro teams.  Let’s not forget the college programs as well even though the season may be over, they are an important part of San Antonio Soccer.  The San Antonio area has 7 different university’s that offer college soccer.  

San Antonio FC @SanAntonioFC 

San Antonio FC will start its fourth year in USL Championship.  SAFC plays in the second highest level of Soccer here in the United States.   SAFC will play in the USL Championship Western Conference and plays at Toyota Field.  SAFC has made the playoffs once in its previous three seasons, and the other two finished just out of playoffs 1 win (meaning 3 points or less).  The team is lead by Coach Powell who has been here from the start of SAFC and is joined by Coach Marcina.  Coach Marcina led the San Antonio Scorpions to the NASL title in 2014.   The team plays at Toyota Field and the season starts with a home match against Phoenix Rising on March 9th at 7:30 (the normal start time for SAFC)  You can find tickets and ticket packages at

Samba FC @SambaFCSA

Men’s and Woman’s UPSL Central Conference

(One thing to note is that in the Fall it has been announced that UPSL Heartland will have promotion and relegation on the Men’s side)

Samba FC plays in the UPSL (United Premier Soccer League) and will be playing its third season of UPSL action.  One thing to note is that UPSL plays a Spring and Fall season, so while it will be Samba FC third season, the club will be entering its second Spring Season.  However, there are big changes for Samba who has played the last two seasons (Spring and Fall) in the UPSL South.  This season, Samba will play in the UPSL Heartland conference.  In the two seasons Samba has not made the playoffs, however the growth from the Spring to the Fall was very noticeable. In moving to the Heartland, I would expect the playoff chances for Samba to improve. 

Starting in the Spring 2019, UPSL Central Conference will also be starting a Woman’s Conference.   Samba FC was the initial team to step up.  With being a new team not a lot of information has been announced yet.  However, I have heard that if possible, there will be double headers with the Men’s and Woman’s Samba teams.

Samba plays on the South East side at Wheatley Heights Sports Complex.  Only expense to get in is parking which is $6.00 (per past season) 

SA Runners @sarunnerssc

UPSL Men’s Central Conference Heart

SA Runners who also play in the UPSL Heartland conference had a dream opening for its first season, the SA Runners won the Heart Fall title and ended up losing in the playoffs to Dallas Elite FC.   However, until that loss, the Runner were able to make it through the regular season without losing a single game. So, heading into its second season (first UPSL Spring) they will have a target on their back.    SA Runners play on the UTSA Campus at the Recreation Field Complex – South and as of last year there was no entry fee for parking to get into the game.  One of the perks for the Runners game day experience is the fields behind the seating for the kids to run around.

FC Thunder Boerne @boernesoccer

UPSL Men’s Central Conference Heart

Just outside of San Antonio is FC Thunder Boerne who started at the same time as the SA Runners in the Heartland Conference.   However, the Thunder just missed the playoffs on a back and forth match with FC Waco in the last game of the year. The year was still very successful both on and off the pitch.  Heading into its second season, FC Thunder will be aiming to make the playoffs where anything can happen. The other benefit for FC thunder, is that they run an academy program and that gives them the ability to promote players up from it.   FC Thunder Boerne plays at Boerne City Park, which like SA Runners has areas for the kids to run around.

San Antonio Corinthians @Corinthians_SA

UPSL Men’s Central Conference South

The newest team in UPSL South is coming back after a three-year hiatus.  The original Corinthians were in the NPSL and played San Antonio FC in the Open Cup back in 2016.   Corinthians in their rebirth have updated their crest the team will play in UPSL South for the Spring.  I would expect to see the Fall season if there is P/R in the Heartland that the Corinthians will move to the Heartland.   It is expected that the Corinthians will be playing at Warrior Stadium (Cornerstone Christian).  One thing to note is that it seems that the Corinthians and the San Antonio Athenians have a very close relationship.

San Antonio Athenians @SA_Athenians

UWS SouthWest

Like the Corinthians, the Athenians are making a comeback after missing last year.  The Athenians will be playing in a brand-new league to San Antonio and that is the United Woman’s Soccer.   At the time of the article in the UWS Southwest it has four clubs listed, ASA El Paso, FC Austin Elite and Houston Aces.  The SA Athenians will be playing at Warrior Stadium (Cornerstone Christian).  Already a highlight is that the Athenians will be playing the UNAM Pumas from Liga MX Femenil on March 3rd.

Alamo City SC @Alamo_sc

WPSL Red River Conference South

Men’s (FALL 2019) and Woman’s UPSL Central Conference

Alamo City SC is jumping in with three teams this year.  The two woman’s teams will start in the Spring.  The Senior squad will be in the WPSL Red River Conference with fellow SA Blossoms.   A second squad or the reserve to the WPSL team will start in the UPSL Central Conference.  It should be noted that that Alamo City has a full academy in place to help develop a feeder system to both teams.  Alamo SC in its release will be a full amateur squad so you may be able to see college stars from around the SA area.  Alamo City SC will be starting a Men’s squad as well, but that will start in the Fall.     Alamo City SC will play at the Alamo Sportsplex on the NW side of San Antonio.

San Antonio Blossoms @SABlossoms

WPSL Red River Conference South

The Blossoms stepped up when the Athenians went on hiatus last season.  So, while they got a late start in developing the team. the Blossoms had a rough year on the field.  In looking at the club, it seems they have a relationship with Classic Elite Academy on developing players.  Last year, it was tough to get information from the Blossoms who played at the Blossom Soccer Complex.

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