I-10 Cup Boerne FC Thunder vs S.A. Runners SC

It was a beautiful night out at the UTSA Inter-mural fields as the S.A. Runners SC played host to Boerne FC Thunder. This was the 2nd time these two teams would face each other in the span of 72 hours. The Runners won the 1st match getting by Boerne with a score of 3-2 giving Boerne something to prove in this match. From the first whistle you could tell that the Runners seemed to have the advantage over what appeared to be a much younger Boerne team. They did a great job attacking the corner of the field and sending it across into the middle of the box. What made this sort of attack even more successful was The Runners ability to follow it up with a lot of high pressure making it very difficult for The Thunder to deal with. This wasn’t your average long-ball attack.

This strategy  proved to pay off early as Taylor Noblett would put the Runners on the board in the 6′ as he sent one in through the keepers legs from outside the box to make the score 1-0. S.A. Runners midfielder Mitchell Hopkins played a key role in their attack in the left corner of the field before switching over to the right. The Runners kept the pressure on Boerne and almost had the 2nd goal of the night when Jonathan Lawson had a chance off a S.A. Runners corner kick, but couldn’t get it on frame.  It wasn’t long after that Boerne would get their 1st real chance of the evening. S.A. Runners keeper got caught too far out of the box and Thunder player Adrian Villanueva was able to touch it past him leveling things at 1-1 in the 18th minute.

We mentioned age was a factor for the Boerne FC Thunder team and it would show on the following Kick-Off as the Borene FC keeper was caught off guard, and S.A. Runners Forward Jonathan Lawson scored off the kick making it 2-1 back in the Runners favor. This isn’t to say Boerne FC isn’t a talented team. They were able to create some chances. Boerne FC player Jose Alverez Lopez showed some impressive speed and a great touch on the ball, and the Thunder almost got the equalizer on another chance when the Runners GK was caught too far out, but it would sail just wide.

Boerne FC Thunder might have had some chances, but the majority of the finishes were directly at the keeper. S.A. Runners would prove to be better in this category which would ultimately get them the victory as Runners midfielder Luis Espinar would score an amazing volley in the 32′ that should be a Sports Center Top 10 nominee. It was hard to believe all the action that occurred and it was only the first half. The first half would end 3-1 with the majority of on the field action taking place in the 1st 45 minutes.

The 2nd half wouldn’t be as entertaining in on the field action. The referee quickly lost control of the game as he failed to really establish any sort of consistency as play got physical in what you would expect in a rivalry of this sort. We saw some great play from Boerne FC Thunder player Emmanuel Hulbin, but also some pretty aggressive penalties both against and from him. We would see 2 red cards after a fight almost broke out between opposing players, and I counted 4 yellows. The S.A. Runners Peter Mulamba would put one more on the board for the home team before the final whistle making it 4-1.

All in all in was a very entertaining match that had a pretty good turn out at the UTSA campus. This S.A. Runners team has come a long way from the scrimmage we saw vs Samba FC in the pre-season. Boerne has some great potential with a few missing pieces to be one of the more competitive teams in the UPSL Central Conference Heart Division. Best of luck to both teams as they continue the journey in their Inaugural UPSL Season.


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